Fall 2016

Live On-site and Online Art Classes

Our new on-site art classes are a new opportunity for students to study drawing and painting with the world-class Art Mentors team.  We also offer online-only options for students who are not able to make it physically to our studio.

All classes are held at our Huntington Beach studio at: 16182 Gothard Street, Suite M Huntington Beach, CA 92647. Questions? Call (714) 847-0088

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What people are saying about us

I have recommended you to many of my friends and students and will continue to do so. Incredible amount of accessible information at an incredible value.

Michael Mentler, Art Educator

You are doing a fantastic job. Bravo times a million.

Graydon Parrish, Professional painter

I've gotten more out of this instruction than I got from my two-year MFA program at the Art Institute of Chicago! Cheers from Houston!

Steve K, Art student

You guys are doing an excellent job at this. Very well put together and there's nothing like it!

Patrick B, Art student

To learn from an amazing artist, for me is a very treasured thing. With you, I am able to learn from legends in their field. This is one of the very best places to digest anything and everything art-related.

Gio Napkil, Digital Model Supervisor at Industrial Light and Magic

I can honestly say I've learned so much more here, than the 3 semesters I did online with a fine San Francisco art school. And this hasn't put me $15,000 in debt, oh, plus interest.

Richard S, Art student