5-Day Figure Painting Bootcamp Online Workshop with Steve Huston – ONLINE ONLY


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You will NOT be able to submit your work for critique from the instructor if you purchase this class or workshop. You will only have access to the recordings and reference images.

Steve Huston’s works are poetic, poignant, and masterfully powerful. He has been an extraordinarily effective mentor whose instruction and guidance have produced an impressive number of accomplished acolytes.

This workshop will focus on painting the figure from start to finish in a way you never have before. How do we get from a beginning sketch to a finished painting? Over the course of 5 days, you will immerse yourself in the human figure and the process of painting. Steve Huston will take you back to the fundamentals, and guide you through to more complexity. There will be a multitude of demos, lots of time to practice live along with fellow artists, and a thorough analysis of old and new masters. This workshop will be so intensive, you will be on whole new skill level upon its completion.

You will learn how to apply your drawing skills to a finished painting. Keeping the fundamentals of drawing in mind, you will begin with something clean and simple. Then, you will naturally build onto it, layer by layer, with both color and value structures. This approach insures that the finished work produces one seamless idea. This also makes the finished piece fresh, exciting, powerful, and beautiful.

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