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rey_bio_02Rey Bustos graduated as an illustrator with high honors from the Art Center College of Design in 1989 and was elected by the student body to be the student speaker at their graduation. Rey then went on to illustrate for many companies and magazines as well as having numerous fine art exhibits since 1990. He is currently represented by the San Marino Gallery in Pasadena. Rey Bustos has also been teaching since 1990 and is now considered one of the preeminent artistic anatomy teachers in the country. He is known for his lively and passionate lectures and his enthusiasm is very evident and contagious. Rey currently teaches at his Art Center College of Design, California State University, Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art and he is also on the teaching staff at Disney Feature Animation. Rey also currently teaches video content at the online art school, New Masters Academy.




NEEDED the first day:

  • 1/8″ armature wire, at least ten feet. Any good art store carries this. (This will be provided by the instructor, and must be purchased at a price of $5)
  • 1lb Super Sculpey (semi-transclucent beige)
  • Wooden board, plywood works great. 10-12″ square, or thereabouts or if you can find a 12″ round board from OSH that’s the best.
  • 24 and 28 gauge steel wire, usually comes in 100ft little packages, get this at a hardware store. (Do not worry if you don’t find this.)
  • Super Glue by Devcon or Zap-A-Gap glue (Zap-A-Gap is best but not as easy to find)
  • 3-ring binder (2″ should be fine) with numbered divider tabs 1-10
  • Note paper (we always take a lot of notes)
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Needle-nosed pliers (or any pliers, needle nosed preferred)
  • Wire cutters (if you don’t have this, we can share)
  • Sharpie marker or any permanent marker, color doesn’t matter
  • Misc. clay tools. Get a few, I will also show you what I have and like to use.
  • Small jar of Vaseline, or Vaseline Lip Therapy.

Other Materials:

  • Sculpey Clay Softener (optional)
  • 4 packages of chocolate Sculpey II (These are the 2oz little packages, DO NOT GET the bigger box of terra cotta! Not needed for a few weeks.)
  • By the sixth week you will need to have the book, “Human Anatomy for Artists: The Elements of Form” by Eliot Goldfinger. Look for this online. You can find it around $40. Used is fine.
  • You should always bring a camera.

Sales are non-refundable but in some cases we can switch a student’s enrollment in a class that has not yet started to another class of equal or lesser value. New Masters Academy reserves the right to cancel, limit enrollment, substitute instructors or models, reschedule or modify a class with notice to enrolled students. If a class is canceled enrolled students will be given a refund. If an instructor is unable to finish a class term a refund will be given to students at a pro-rated amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What is the Anatomy Bootcamp?

    A.The Anatomy Bootcamp is a unique and intensive 8-Sundays Summer Training program designed to give artists a jump start on their anatomical knowledge. Artists who enroll in the all three classes in the Bootcamp will be studying from 10:00 am to 8:30 pm Sundays in a unique, fun, challenging, and entirely immersive learning experience.

  • Q.Can I take this class without enrolling in the other Anatomy Bootcamp classes?

    A.Yes! All three of the Anatomy Bootcamp classes can be purchased individually. There is a 20% off discount if you purchase the three classes together.

  • Q.Are materials provided?

    A.Students are responsible for their own materials. All supplies are clearly listed for students in the Material List tab of the content area above this F.A.Q. list.

  • Q.I am a beginner. Is this class for me?

    A.This class is challenging and requires a lot of hard work, in class and at home, but it is for students of all levels. Rey has been teaching this class for decades and he has honed his approach for maximum effectiveness and ease, while still dealing with the complex subject matter of anatomy. If you are interested in this class, but you are worried that you are not artistically skilled enough, fear not! You are in good hands!

  • Q.I live in California. Should I attend in person or Online-only?

    A.Students attending in person will get the most out of this class, including one-on-one feedback and critique with Rey.

  • Q.Do you expect to sell out?

    A.Yes! Because of the nature of this class, we are limited on the amount of students we can accommodate. We have run this class twice in the last two years and in both instances the class sold out so enroll soon if you are interested!

  • Q.What's the maximum class size?

    A.We’re capping the class at 20 students to ensure that everyone gets enough personal attention.

  • Q.Do I need to know how to sculpt to take this class?

    A.No! We use 3D materials to learn anatomy but this class is not intended just for sculptors. This class is for all levels, from the total beginner to the working professional artist.

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